The Etude magazine, February 1909, p. 133



    A NOTED German musician was once asked why the children of the little villages of Germany are so musical. He replied, "Because they make fun of music." This is very true. The little folks of the fatherland have very simple amusements. Although Germany is the land of toys, the little folks are not laden down with extravagant presents. Some little boys can amuse themselves more with a little violin than some of our boys could with a $200.00 electric toy railroad.
    I wish that all who read this article would try at the next practice hour to get just as much pleasure as possible out of their playing. Treat it just exactly as you would a game. Look at the little picture upon this page called the "Practice Hour." See the eager faces of the little folks and how earnestly they are striving to get enjoyable musical effects out of their crude musical instruments. You may learn a great lesson from the children of Germany, many of whom have grown from peasant homes like the one pictured to become great masters. Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and Bach came from homes of this kind. Without one-tenth of the advantages that most of the readers of this page possess they achieved immortal fame.