The Etude magazine, December 1921, p. 819

"When You Do It, Mean It"

By Sidney Bushell

    I CAME across that in a book the other day. It is certainly a fine slogan for the piano student; and I have adopted it for my own use with excellent results, so pass it on.
    When you are doing finger exercises, "mean it," that, and nothing else. When you sit yourself down for your daily practice, "mean it." Let nothing else intrude during the whole hour, or whatever period you have determined upon.
    Did it ever strike you how significant is that corner-stone of musical endeavor—Perseverance?
    Not only does it mean stick-to-itiveness, but look again—Per-Severance—the shutting out of all but the thing in hand. That's what Perseverance in music means—

"When you do it, MEAN it."